• Having an outdoor summer wedding? Set up a table or buckets with water, lemonade, or iced tea to sip before and during the ceremony. A cold beverage goes a long way!
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    Will Rain Ruin Your Wedding Day?

    You have taken the time to plan a beautiful outdoor ceremony, whether in a park, plantation, courtyard, or the beach…it is your vision, to be married under a clear blue [...]

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    Wedding Planner or No Planner? That IS the Question……

    After the question is popped; what’s next? Many Brides don’t even think about hiring a planner. Why would I do that? Great question. Why wouldn’t you! A wedding planner can […]

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    Can you include your dog in the wedding?

    Absolutely!!! However there are some things to consider! Here are some tips from renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell. Victoria, best known for her role as the star of Animal Planet’s [...]